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Hey there!—I'm Sarah, the face behind Wild Vine Flower Co.. I'm a mom, flower grower and designer who is passionate about my contribution growing and selecting the flowers that help make memories stick. For weddings and other events throughout the Pacific Northwest and Kitsap County, I help turn the dreams of “someday” into the reality of today.

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Here's My story...

In 2011 I left my corporate career to stay home with my beautiful boys, Grant and Evan.

My boys and I started growing plants from seed and experimenting in our garden as a way of learning and playing. We started with pumpkins, veggies, sunflowers and then finally a cutting garden. It was only a couple of years before flowers started taking over the veggie patch! 


By the time my kiddos got heavily involved in sports, I knew that my passion and inspiration for work with flowers was taking over. I started experimenting and growing flowers specifically for their use as a cut flower and also for their color. There has been extensive trial and error in my field and garden over the last ten years! 

After careful thought and planning, I created Copper & Currant in September 2017 with my two beautiful friends, Carrie and Kora. We shared a belief that the difference between an "ok" event and a "fabulous" one lies in the small but important details. Lighting, flowers, fragrance, candles, color, food, and more all play large roles in making an event memorable and making it yours. We began creating floral designs with this in mind and enjoyed six incredible years together.

Running a business is a tremendous amount of work and not for everyone. In 2023, Carrie and Kora decided to refocus their energies into other aspects of their life and, after careful thought, I decided to  step out on my own and create Wild Vine Flower Company. This new endeavor combines my love of growing flowers, my expertise in color theory, and my passion for floral design. 

My floral work reflects my passion for the craft while still keeping the individual styles of my clients at the forefront. I personally select or grow every stem I work with, and locally source the flowers and foliage I use whenever possible. This ensures freshness, sustainability, and supports local flower farmers.

I still specialize in all aspects of floral design, but have expanded my business and become a small scale grower of specialty cut flowers. My growing focus is on garden roses, dahlias and annual cut flowers and foliage that add an extra level of beauty to my floral designs.

Regardless of a modest or generous budget, I can guide you towards creating an elegant and sophisticated setting that you and your guests will never forget!

Now tell me about YOU

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