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We are Carrie, Sarah, and Kora—the faces behind Copper & Currant. We’re friends, moms and designers who are passionate about our contribution designing the breathtaking details that help memories stick. For weddings and other events throughout Kitsap County, the three of us help turn the dreams of “someday” into the reality of today.

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Here's our story...


Sarah and Carrie met taking their three-year-old boys to their first day of preschool in 2011. Not only did Ansel and Grant become fast friends, but so did their moms!

Two years later, we were blessed when Kora's son, Andrew, was placed in the same kindergarten class with Sarah and Carrie's boys. The three moms became instant friends. It wasn't long before we realized that, besides enjoying each other’s company, we shared a passion for thoughtfully planned dinner parties, beautiful flowers, and warmly styled events.

By 2017, we knew that our inspiration was taking over. We shared ideas and learned from one another's style, strengths and creativity, and what we produced together was always greater than what we produced alone.

After careful thought and planning, we created Copper & Currant in September 2017. We share a belief that the difference between an "ok" event and a "fabulous" one lies in the small but important details. Lighting, flowers, fragrance, candles, color, food, and more all play large roles in making an event memorable and making it yours. We create floral designs with this in mind.

Our floral work reflects our passion for the craft while still keeping the individual styles of our clients at the forefront. We personally select or grow every stem we work with, and locally source the flowers and foliage we use whenever possible. This ensures freshness, sustainability, and supports local flower farmers.

We specialize in all aspects of wedding and special event detailing, from coordination through final staging. We provide a wide range of rentals, specialty lighting, table decor for vignettes and venue props. Regardless of a modest or generous budget, we can guide you towards creating an elegant and sophisticated setting that you and your guests will never forget!


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